ceramic extrusion dies

Conventional dies and dies with external brake adjustment for brick making by extrusion

Since 1940, en CERAMOLDES, we have been making dies for the extrusion of bricks, roof tiles and other ceramic items for the building industry.

After all these years accumulating expertise in this field, we are sure to offer high quality tooling produced with the latest technologies and the most efficient materials.

Some of our dies

How to buy our dies

Buy our dies is very easy.
Follow these 6 simple steps and you will have your die operational and ready to manufacture your parts.


Contact us

You get in touch with us either through the contact form or by phone. In this first contact you explain to us, in detail, what you need and send the plans of the part you want to make with the die.

send budget


Send the quotation

Once we have all the necessary information to manufacture your die, we send you the budget detailing all the technical characteristics of the mould so that you can manufacture your pieces without problems.


Quotation acceptance

Once we have sent you the quotation detailing all its characteristics, it is time for you to review it in detail, and once you have verified that everything is correct, validate it and send it to us signed.

quotation acceptance
 mould design


Study & design of the die

As soon as you send us the signed quotation, we will study and design your die.


Die fabrication

We will manufacture your die according to the approved design. If you are interested, we can manufacture a steel die to be able to adjust measurements, and then replace it with hard metal (WIDIA).

mould fabrication
mould delivery


Die delivery

Once we have manufactured the die and carried out all the necessary tests to guarantee its quality, we send it to the address that you indicate so that you can start manufacturing your pieces.

CERAMOLDES in the world

We export all our dies to more than 20 countries.

ceramic extrusion molds


We design custom dies for your products.


We manufacture our dies with high quality materials.


All our dies meet all the specifications of our customers.


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Here you will find information about our latest innovations in dies design and market trends.

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