About us

From 1940, when the first dies letf out workshops until the present, CERAMOLDES, S.L. has been responsible for the production of countless dies of innumerable varieties, all of them for the extrusion of roof tiles, bricks and other items related to the field of building.


In 1983, bearing in mind all the expertise we had acquired over the years, we decided to found CERAMOLDES, S.L. The purpose was clear: producing high quality tooling in order to be competitive and, at the same time, offering our customers a good technical assistance service, which has been very positively appraised.

Obviously, it has been a long time since we produced those first dies conceived for extruders without vacuum systems. At present we produce multi-exit dies with external adjustment. There has also been a real revolution in the materials used to produce the last generation dies, which are used for large productions. We are aware of the fact that, in order to offer a good product, we must be up to date on the ultimate materials so that we can use them in the production of our dies.

In fact, in 1964, eager to offer our customers the best materials available, we were most probably the first die producers to use tungsten carbide (WIDIA) in the production of our dies, which at that time meant a real breakthrough.

All of this makes us a company with a huge experience which has been particularly increased by the problems arisen from the construcción of new clay extrusion plants, which have had to lower production costs, increase their production and shorten the drying and firing times because of the strong competition existing in this sector of industry. It is precisely due to these cuts that moulding defects like cracks and deformities may occur. Ceramoldes S.L. is ready to offer its expertise to solve all these and other problems. Our philosophy is to work side by side with our customers so that this co-operation helps them produce and release high quality products onto the market.