Work samples 2019

The brand Ceramoldes, S.L. has established itself in the sector with its new, more attractive and up-to-date image. This year all our Dies have been presented with the new color and the renewed logo.

We are pleased to present this small sample of works and announce the annual closing with a 7% increase in billing over the previous year.

The works carried out in hard metal take center stage, since we doubled its production compared to last year; thus placing sales of this long-lasting metal at levels similar to the years preceding the brick crisis of 2009.

These figures are given in part, thanks to the opening to the international market, which we promoted a few years ago. Today Ceramoldes, S.L. It is present in several countries around the world, which is why exports have doubled compared to 2018, strengthening the relationships that we started with the factories in South America.

We work side by side with professionals in the sector to improve on the specific solutions that each client needs.

We take advantage of this news to thank our clients for the commitment made in Ceramoldes, S.L.